I will teach you how to be great aggressive AWPer

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (PC)

General info:

•In my lesson I will show you everything I know in this game, smokes, angles, flashes, aim training, nades, clutch situations with AWP

  • Session via: Skype, TeamSpeak, Discord
  • Server: US West , US East , US SW, US SE
  • Languages: English, Russian


$15 Standard $25 Premium $30 Pro
About: •Showing all the smokes on map you choose. I will show you pick angles and how to be super aggressive with an awp and etc. •We will go over warm-up, smokes, flashes, nades, strats, clutching situations, etc. •I will show you pretty much everything I know. All smokes, nades, flashes, strats. I will help you become better at awping.
Duration: 0.5 hours 1 hours 1.5 hours
Delivery time: 5 days 5 days 5 days
For players in: Silver , Gold Silver , Gold , Guardian , Eagle Silver , Gold , Guardian , Eagle, Supreme Master First Class , The Global Elite
Topic: Aim, Tactics, Flashes/Granades, Recoil, Crosshair placement Tactics, Flashes/Granades, Installation & Setup, Mindset, Clutching, Recoil, Crosshair placement, Timing Aim, Tactics, Flashes/Granades, Installation & Setup, Communication, Mindset, Clutching, Recoil, Crosshair placement, Spacing, Timing, Rotations
Game Mode: Competitive Deathmatch, Competitive Deathmatch, Competitive
Side: Counter-Terrorists, Terrorists Counter-Terrorists, Terrorists Counter-Terrorists, Terrorists
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•We will go over warm-up, then we will hop on training server, and I will start showing you strats/smokes/pick angles and etc