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Why take CSGO coaching?


Who are the top players that provide our CSGO coaching?

Since the dawn of competitive Counter-Strike, coaches have provided a key role to any big team that wants to improve. A coach can provide unbiased feedback, training, and leadership outside of the server to improve players individually, or as a team. Typically, a coach will stand behind players at a LAN, or in their TeamSpeak, and provide suggestions and analysis during downtime, via watching demos of players, and analysing strategies used against them.

As CS:GO is such a largely tactical game, coaches often suggest certain rehearsed strategies during a game, to counter something that the opposing team may be doing. Such is just one example of many on how a coach is a valuable asset to a team. Active criticism is essential in any team-based game, especially CS:GO. Coaches can help you to realise this.

  TOPFIST.COM is a selective and exclusive service for players in the Counter-Strike marketplace. We not only consider your rank, but also your achievements and past gaming experience. Coaches in CS:GO are all ranked Supreme Master First Class or higher, Faceit level 8+ or ESEA Rank B and beyond. Regardless of all the matchmaking platforms, our coaches bring thousands of hours to the table. This guarantees you the best coaching experience on the market.

What can you learn with CSGO coaching?


When do you know you need a coach in CSGO?

CS:GO is often called the ultimate competitive FPS game. This is because it’s a perfect balance between individual play, teamplay, and knowledge. These can be split into mechanical and logical gameplay. Mechanical consists of Aim, movement, map knowledge and utility. Logical gameplay consists of teamplay, game sense, and to an extent, map knowledge too. Coaching in a game like CS:GO can help you improve in any of these areas tremendously. There is nothing like the guidance from another to set you on the right path to success.   Most teams will start to look for a coach when they have a set full roster, that they are comfortable improving and sticking with. It is no small commitment to get a coach, same as it is no small commitment to be one either. The right time to need a coach is when the team feel like they can no longer improve with themselves alone, they need external eyes on their situation. From here, the coach can review the teams setups, ie. their cross-fires and utility usage, they can review their strategies, ie. what’s gone wrong and what can be improved, and why did something work. Primarily, they can provide support from outside the server.

What can you expect after taking CSGO coach?


Does a coach really make a difference?

Immediate and noticeably improved decision making. Much better close round wins, infinitely smarter fights taken, and overall a significant improve in not only skill level, but also skill cap. You will have a higher potential, and you will know how to reach it more efficiently. There is a reason why, despite all the rules nerfing coaches, they have still powered through and have had an essential role in the community, in teams, and in individuals.   You bet it does. Counter-Strike is one of the longest standing FPS games in history. For 2 decades this game has consistently been at the top of the skill curve. This is because of its incredible, unique, in-depth gameplay. It wouldn’t endure such long time trials unless there was some substance to keep players interested. This substance is improvement. The best CS:GO players in the world are better today than ever, and this is because they can fix their mistakes with the help of others. This is why coaching in a game like CS:GO will make a difference, it’s inevitable.