I will Analyse a replay and upload it to youtube


General info:

Want to know what you did wrong or what you could be doing better to make some +25's? Then you've come to the right place. When submitting a replay id make sure that it hasn't expired (replays last 7 days). Or, if you have it downloaded then you can upload the .dem file located in your replays folder.

  • Languages: English


About: Replays will be analysed and uploaded to my twitch and youtube, and links will be provided afterwards. Make sure to submit replays where you felt like you played bad or had very little control over the match, but try to exclude games where you got throned at 20 minutes, replays should preferably be 30-60 minutes long. Make sure to also note which hero you were playing!
Duration: 1 hours
Delivery time: 3 days
For players in: Herald, Guardian, Crusader, Archon
Topic: Builds, Mechanics, Runes, Tactics, Combos, Farming, Lane Control, Timing