Professional coaching, i will help you to improve your skills in this awesome game.

Role: Skype, Discord
Server: US West, US East, Europe West, Europe East, SE Asia, South America, Russia, Australia
Languages: English, Russian

I would like to share my rich expereince, and help to fast grow up in DOTA 2, you will see results even after one coaching session. What you will have after buying coaching session? - Your mistakes analysis from replay or live game. - Game advices from expirienced DOTA 2 player, 7 year expierence. - I will teach you how to correctly move, and make right decisions in the game. - Knowledge about item/skill build in different game situations. - Knowledge about correct counter pick enemy heroes. - Also, you will improve your macro and micro skill. I will be very happy to help someone who wants to be the best, Welcome everyone!