I will coach you as 6.2k 3,4 position coach - for Carry players

Role: Skype, Discord
Server: US West, US East, Europe West, Europe East, SE Asia, China, South America, Russia, Australia
Languages: English, Russian

Nikita, from Russia at your service. (Ru/ENG) Mostly people lose games due to macro mistakes they make such as: - not taking roshan when they can - not finishing game when they have aegis - doing bad smokes - dying to opponent smokes - no vision game (AKA BUY WARDS) etc... Biggest mistake of people i've been playing with is map awareness so i can cover lots of that. My coaching ranges from specific-heroes tricks to macro game Top100 OpenDota Max rating: Top 700 EU, Max 6250 mmr


15$/hour. First 15 min free for good contact and targeting
Yes, i will. Max 1 replay in this coaching offer.
If it needs. Yes, one game in this coaching offer.
First step - acquaintance. Then you let me know your targets and then we start discussion
1) 10-15 minutes for first-time meeting so i can see your targets and will (thats free since it doesnt contain any technical info, more likely verbal) 2) 5-25 minutes going thru your main target 3) 5-25 minutes Explaining lifestealer as a character and carry potential 4) 5-25 minutes Builds 5) 5 minutes HOW TO dotabuff 6) Watching replays, speaking about decisions