I will help you build a plan for improving as a player


General info:

What most people who come for coaching don't know is how to actually approach the game to gain mmr as fast as possible. A couple of years back i was a 1k player, within 1.5~ years i managed to skyrocket to 5k+ mmr, now i'm here to share these methods with you, This will be a rather simpler 1 on 1 discussion on how you should be using your time as efficiently as possible to get the most mmr out of it.

  • Session via: Discord
  • Languages: English


About: Make sure to provide your dotabuff, favorite heroes and role.
Duration: 0.5 hours
Delivery time: 3 days
For players in: Herald, Guardian, Crusader, Archon
Topic: Tactics, Mindset, Patch, Resource management