I will help you reach your goals

Role: Discord
Server: US West, US East, Europe West, Europe East
Languages: English, Spanish; Castilian

My lesson plans are all focused to help you in specific areas of your game play. Generally I will start by going over a replay of yours in advance to help identify areas of improvement and to help you determine which type of lesson would be most effective. I will help you improve on facets of your game like lane control, creep equilibrium, and mid positioning/movement • Reviewing one of your full game replays and going over mistakes and decisions that you made throughout the game. These lessons focus on decision making in farming, map movement, and warding. • Have me coach a game that you play live, while giving you advice and thoughts on your play to help you improve! + * Warding * Lane control/movement * Farming patterns * Splitpushing while farming effectively * Teamfight spell usage If these sound like things that you would like to work on than I can assuredly help you get better! If you purchase a lesson here I will get back to you within 1-2 days to set up times for the future