I will improve your understanding of Dota 2 and midlane/safelane mechanics

Role: Discord
Server: US East
Languages: English

Without learning from others who were higher skill then me at the time I would of never improved as fast as i did. I used to be frustrated and never thought about how to improve and its important to take the time to think about plays, coordination and game mechanics. I go into depth on every mechanic that would be useful to the hero your playing and against heroes you are playing against as well as future situations. Item builds, decision making, spells counteracting. 4 years ago i was a low mmr player just hovering above 3k and now i am ranked top 200 on the NA leader boards and rising as an aspiring pro. I am taking a year off to peruse Dota the best I can. What you can expect is to come out of my session of Dota coaching with a fresh mind and ready/excited to go into the next match and ready to learn more. Dota is like music, there is never ending possibilities and combinations of chords and rhythms and you will never run out of things to do.