I will make sure you'll understand everything about pos 4 roamer

Role: Skype, TeamSpeak, Discord
Server: US West, US East, Europe West, Europe East, SE Asia, Russia
Languages: Czech, English

I've been playing support since I started playing Dota, I used to be a casual player, got 4k at the 1st calibration and wanted to get better, so I started playing solo ranked games and I got to 7k in like year and half. I analyzed my own games, my own mistakes and I'm totally sure, I will point out everything you could do better and I will tell you how. It's not just about the gameplay, you also need to know what to pick or how to setup your mindset during and between the games. I will make you think about all the decisions you make during early game, because that's the most important time to shine as a roamer, you have to realise what lane to help, where can you make the most impact. This coaching is for anyone from herald to divine.