I will make sure you'll understand everything about pos 5 lane support

Role: Skype, TeamSpeak, Discord
Server: US West, US East, Europe West, Europe East, SE Asia, Russia
Languages: Czech, English

I've been playing support since I started playing Dota, I used to be a casual player, got 4k at the 1st calibration and wanted to get better, so I started playing solo ranked games and I got to 7k in like year and half. I analyzed my own games, my own mistakes and I'm totally sure, I will point out everything you could do better and I will tell you how. It's not just about the gameplay, you also need to know what to pick or how to setup your mindset during and between the games. For position 5, you need to realise what you need to do during laning stage, how to react to a good/bad lane. How, when and why to pull, when to harrass and many other stuff.