Overwatch Coaching

Why take Overwatch coaching?


Overwatch coaches - who are they?

Do you want to improve a specific aspect of your game? Do you want to improve in general? Are you a new player, just looking to find your feet? Any of these reasons are why you should consider Overwatch coaching. Coaching in a game like Overwatch will give you the edge over your opponents, in any way you want.

Overwatch is a timeless game, it’s a game people will be playing for years. As such, it is never too late to learn how to play it. Whether you’re just starting out, or are about to enter a big tournament, there is a package for you here. There is always room for improvement, and we’re firm believers of this. That’s why our coaches offer such a large range of help - heroes, items, game strategy, and much much more.

  TOPFIST.COM is a selective and exclusive service for top players in the Overwatch marketplace. We not only consider your rank but also your achievements and past gaming experiences. Our coaches are expected to have work to show for themselves too. Only players of Diamond league level and above may become coaches on our services. This means that you will receive the best coaching experience possible for whatever aspect you want to improve.

What can you learn with Overwatch coaching?


When do you need a coach in Overwatch?

Overwatch is a game all about teamwork and the strategy to go with it. But there are more aspects that define a good player. Anything from settings and aim to strategy and game sense, to maps and heroes, can be improved with help. Coaching in a game like Overwatch gives you external understanding and criticism about how you’re playing the game, and how to improve it. The benefits of having a coach in any aspect of the game will be apparent in your improvement as a player.   If you’ve felt like you’ve hit a brick wall. If you feel like you want to try a new hero, a new itemset, more utility. If you want to get a higher rank or even go pro, then TOPFIST.COM is for you. We want to make you the best that you can be, and our coaches will ensure this occurs with efficiency and deliverance. Everyone can benefit from coaching, even the pros use analysts and coaches to determine errors in how they play. Whether you’re about to enter a small LAN, a big LAN, or just an online tournament, a coach will make you one step closer to being fully prepared.

What results can I expect after coaching?


Does a coach really make a difference?

Primarily, our goal is to make you improve. If you ever had a weakness in a game, this is your chance to fix it. If there’s something you always wanted to know how to do, this is your chance to fix it. Whatever improvement you want to see, you shall receive. That’s the beauty of coaching - it depends on you. Overwatch is a game fueled by the player's knowledge, and we want to make sure your knowledge is superior to your opponents. We can improve any aspect of regular gameplay, we can break bad habits, we can promote good habits. We can teach you new things, and we can help you to tailor these new things towards your own gaming goals.   Coaches are used for everything. Sports, lifestyle, even motivation. It’s a tried and tested method of improving aspects of life - so take that fact and use it to give yourself a sharp edge over your opponents. Use your coach, utilise it, to become a better Overwatch player, get a higher rank or even go pro. Whether for yourself individually, or as part of a bigger team, a coach is going to make you a better player.