I will coach you basics so you can become a better player.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

General info:

When buying this you can expect me to: Review a VOD and tell what you did wrong. Teach you how to build the fight. Teach you the small things that help you become a better player.

  • Server: North America
  • Languages: English


About: What you can expect from me: - Review a VOD and show you what you did wrong. - Teach you How to / about build battle(s). - Teach you about map rotations.
Duration: 0.5 hours
Delivery time: 5 days
Platform: PC
Topic: Building 101, Aim, Map awarness, Positioning


We would be doing a couple of things and we can start where you want in topics I added. If you don't know what areas you struggle in we can watch a VOD and I can show you what you have done wrong in it.