I will help you reach higher ranks, reveal problems and secret mechanics and more!

Heroes of the Storm (PC)
Session via: Discord
Server: Europe
Languages: English

Before HotS, I was a team coach and a member of a team, but with release of HotS I was drawn by it's teamwork and I never looked back. There are a lot of mechanics, is it for map, hero, but even before the game starts - we need to pick properly according to our AND enemy team, yet we do have our go-to heroes we love to play. So how do we do this? This is where I step in, to help you realize better firstly why you love that hero in order to make your hero pool bigger with same enjoyment yet increase it with your other roles and merge it into same. As mentioned there is a lot to do, no matter what rank you are, there is place for improvement and I can give you insights about stuff you didn't think before even if you are GM! I am really patient and my lessons will be adjusted and paced for each individual student. What you are going to get in my coaching sessions: 1) Useful information and strategy with detailed explanation. 2) An in-depth analysis of your plays, talent build choices, picks etc., as well as tips on how to improve outside of lessons. 3) A friendly and active player who creates custom lesson plans and loves to help people learn and grow! 4) A fluent English speaker with a ton of experience in HotS (as both player and coach)! Pick me if: 1) You want to increase your ranking or you are stuck at any particular rank. 2) You are frequently frustrated in games. 3) You are ready to work hard and win more often! So if you're ready - lets do this!