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League Of Legends
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League Of Legends
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LOL Coaching

Why take LOL coaching?


Who provide LoL coaching?

It’s no secret that League of Legends is thought of as one of the most skilful eSports games in terms of decision making out there. What champion should you play and when, what to buy and when, where to go when or how to better support your team? These are but some of the questions we strive to answer as best we can for you to help you improve past where you ever thought possible.

  TOPFIST.COM is a selective and exclusive service for players in the League of Legends marketplace. We not only consider your rank but also your achievements and past gaming experience. All of our coaches are expected to be of skill equal to or better than that of a Platinum player. This means that you will only receive the best kind of coaching that anyone can possibly provide.

What can you learn with LoL coaching?


When do you know you need a coach in LoL?

No game complements teamplay and strategy quite like LoL. But there are more aspects that define a good player. Anything from champion select, CSing, to what items to buy, to champion specific abilities, objectives control, can all be improved on. Coaching in a game like LoL would give you an advantage over your opponent, and you’ll see it in every moment as you ascend to Challenger and beyond.


League of Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games in the world. It is often regarded as one of the most strategic games in competitive esports. Our coaches will cover topics such as runes, builds, team composition, drafting, mechanics, combos, team fighting, objective control, tactics, mindset and much much more. Simply focus on yourself and let someone of a higher skill group provide you with an insight into your gameplay so you can improve your skills and ultimately, your rank, as fast as possible.

So how do you know if you’re ready? It all depends on your goals. You should find an offer that suits you and then check out details such as the rank, achievements and gaming experience of our coaches. It won’t take long to find the perfect offer for you.

What results can I expect after LOL coaching?


Does a coach really make a difference?

Our goal, ultimately, is to help you get higher rank or even play in pro league. Any aspect of the game you wish to improve on, we’re here to help. On TOPFIST.COM, you can find coaches that help players like Gilius, Jiizuke, PowerOfEvil, Djoko, Betsy, and WhiteKnight to achieve their goals, fulfilling their dreams. We can't promise that you will be playing as them, but if you are determined we can help you improve drastically. And who knows, if you have the drive, maybe you can live your dream.   League of Legends has one of the biggest learning curves to any game ever. The best way to accelerate your learning curve is with help. A top player on TOPFIST.COM is this source of help, they exist for the sole purpose of making you a better player. Improvement will be inevitable, having someone there to spot your mistakes and help you fix them is hands down the greatest advantage you can have over your opponent within game rules. So why not use it, give yourself this advantage and wreck some noobs!