Advanced ADC Program - Stage 3: Importance of the Fundamentals

League Of Legends
Server: North America
Languages: English

What is the Advanced ADC Program? - It is a In-depth and detailed Program that I created last year to teach ADC's how simple it actually is to improve when you are able to understand your barriers and what to do to overcome them. Why should I purchase the Advanced ADC Program? - When I first started playing league with my group of friends from school, the only thing I wanted to do was be the best of my group. While all my friends were able to climb to Gold, I struggled to break the barrier that was Silver 1. I would search videos and guides to help me improve at the game but I always found myself stuck back at square 1. I always felt like I was never improving since I never understood any concepts and didn't have anything to gage my progress. I believe that this ADC Program will help ADC players, once like myself, to fully understand what they need to do to improve and actually see the improvement. I want to show you how easy it is to actually improve with the right mindset, knowledge and application. Why should I learn "Stage 3: Importance of the Fundamentals"? - Stage 3 of the program will show you the importance of the games fundamentals. It will show you how easy the game becomes to learn and improve as well as how easy it becomes to climb. All of this, just based off of the games fundamentals. What will I learn during stage 1? - Truly understand and grasp the idea of the fundamentals and their importance. - Understand the way to work towards these fundamentals and improve upon them. - Learn all of the fundamentals and become better in all aspects of the games basics. Can I jump in at any stage? - Yes! Each stage breaks down a certain aspect towards becoming a Diamond ADC and you can jump in at any point where you feel applies to you. Although, learning and participating in all 5 stages will help you understand what it takes to improve and show you how to apply it to your games. Can I learn all 5 stages in one? Yes, you can "add on" the other four stages to any of the five stage! This will allow you to go at everything in one go.


I have been coaching for roughly 2 years now! I also have experience coaching teams!