I'll teach you how to get out of low elo (elo hell)

League Of Legends (PC)

General info:

We will be going over all the mistakes in your gameplay.If you would like to be coached on a specific champion that works too.

  • Session via: Discord
  • Server: Europe Nordic & East , Europe West , Latin America North , Latin America South , North America , Oceania
  • Languages: English


About: You will send me a .rofl file (replay) and i will be screensharing and pointing out your mistakes and how to fix them, what to do in certain situations etc so you can get out of the elo hell.
Duration: 1 hours
Delivery time: 7 days
For players in: Bronze , Silver , Gold
Game mode: PVP
Game map: 5v5 Summoner's Rift
Role: Mid