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[Challenger Tips] How to climb in SoloQ?

League Of Legends
Server: Brazil, Europe Nordic & East , Europe West , Latin America North , Latin America South , North America , Oceania , Russia , Turkey
Languages: English, Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan

I've done over 800 hours in my coaching session and I have over 150-200 Students from all around the world. Peak: Challenger 550LP+ EuNE Season 5 Challenger 750LP+ EuNE Season 6 (Top 15) Challenger 650LP+ EuNE Season 7 Challenger 800LP+ EuNE Season 8 Master Tier 250LP+ EuW Season 6 Master Tier 150LP+ EuW Season 7 Master Tier 200LP+ EuW Season 8 Former Rank 1 EuNE Season 6 / Season 7 / Season 8 Myself being a challenger player i can easily improve you on one role and a favorite champ. Let's do that...