Climbing in soloq - Live

League Of Legends
Server: Brazil, Europe Nordic & East , Europe West , Latin America North , Latin America South , North America , Oceania , Russia , Turkey , Japan , South East Asia , Republic of Korea
Languages: English

3+ years of coaching experience which include: - Over 300 1 on 1(individual) sessions with players up to top 10 challenger. - 2+ Years of working with Master tier+ teams. - Practice/scrims/discussions with pro players. - Worked with Origen LCS and Academy team for 2 months in late 2016. I will be straightforward with you always. - I coached Gilius, Jiizuke, PowerOfEvil, Djoko, Betsy and WhiteKnight. I don't believe in the bullshit youtube videos that will give you 5 tips and shortcuts. It's all in the work you put in and keeping up the mentality and motivation to improve. I am not a babysitter who will tell you good job on every step but a coach who will push you to improve.


Quite a few, most notably and currently in LCS are Gilius, Jiizuke, PowerOfEvil, Djoko, Betsy and WhiteKnight. A couple more that are retired or are playing below LCS level also.