Experienced League of Legends Coach

League Of Legends
Languages: Chinese, English

Hello, I'm a D4 Top laner from Singapore, peaked top 600 on SG/MY Server. Currently, I have done over a hundred hours of coaching. Most of the players I coached range from Bronze to Diamond and have seen an improvement after a session with me. I will cater my sessions towards what you are looking to improve in to make it more effective for you. Before the session, I'll need your op.gg profile, a summary of your situation and what you are looking to learn/improve on. During the session itself, I'll be making use of Discord's screen share feature to go over either live games or replays. After that we'll do a review/summary of the coaching session and important things to work on. If you are keen or have any further questions, ask me here on this page. Cheers =)


I live in Singapore. That's GMT+8. I'm usually active from 11am to 3am everyday. Currently, I'm able to slot people into my schedule within a week.
I have over a hundred hours of coaching and majority of them have shown an improvement in gameplay after a session with me.