I will review 1 game and correct your mistakes to improve [ESP/ENG]

League Of Legends (PC)

General info:

I will analize one of your replays to see all your mistakes and try to not do it again. If could be, I will give u some exercices to train it to master all mechanics you need.

  • Session via: Skype, Discord
  • Server: Brazil, Europe Nordic & East , Europe West , Latin America North , Latin America South , North America , Oceania , Russia , Turkey , Japan , South East Asia , Republic of Korea
  • Languages: English, Spanish; Castilian


About: Get a good summoner's spells management. Get a good managemen of champion's skills . Know how to fight correctly and when it's a good time for fight. How to Snowball correctly and win the games.
Duration: 1 hours
Delivery time: 3 days
For players in: Bronze , Silver
Topic: Mechanics, Teamplay, Tactics
Game mode: PVP
Game map: 5v5 Summoner's Rift


Yeah, I have many experience with people since bronze till diamond, some of them, with a bit time and working on what I told, could climb more that 1 full league