I will teach you how to master Mid lane!

League Of Legends
Server: North America
Languages: English

Heya! I'm the Unlawful Salmon! I've been playing league since season 2 and coaching it for several years now. I understand what makes or breaks each role, and how to climb with them through each elo! The Mid lane role can be one of the most impactful in the entire game if played correctly. There's a reason Faker and Apdo main mid lane! However a lot of players simply play mid lane, because it's one of the easiest laning roles. Luckily that means most mid laners are relying on that, and they are easy to outplay! With proper knowledge of mid lane matchups, when to ward, when to roam, when to just farm and play safe, or how to work towards getting solo kills in lane and snowball the lane I can help work towards climbing the ladder and achieving the rank you seek!


I am available Wednesday and Saturday all day. I am also available late everyday after 10PM PST, or after 6PM PST on Sunday