I will teach you how to master the jungle!

League Of Legends
Server: North America
Languages: English

Heya! I'm the Unlawful Salmon, and I've been playing league since season 2, and I consider myself a jungle main. So why be coached by me? I view the jungle as mix of hard science and a game of chess! I don't give out "general" advice. All my instruction comes from previous planning, and personal experience. Everything I teach can be explained then tested live right before your eyes! I like to build understanding from the ground up, and then slowly build on that foundation to ensure the coaching sticks far after our lesson has ended! Here's what I can teach you: -Building on a growth mindset. -Mastering the fundamentals. -Having the proper jungler mindset. -Why your teammates don't matter, only you do. -Conquering tilt with understanding. -Optimal masteries, runes, and build paths. -Understanding the many different and optimal jungle paths. -When and how to aggressively counter jungle. -How to become an opportunist. -How to correctly apply pressure. -Spotting and planning proper ganks. -Calculate, plan, setup, and predict things before they happen. -Transitioning your lead and power to your teammates. -Mid game goals, and how to close a game out before late game. -How to split push properly, and how/when to rotate away or with your team. -How to play/close out/team fight late game should it arrive. -Understanding the variance value of situations. -Specific things in the current meta that matter. I use a combination of the summoner rift map in Microsoft paint, game replays, prerecorded games, and even live play to explain and teach you these concepts. I don't want you to just do better, I want you to be absolutely crushing your games! You will have a completely new outlook on the jungle and the game as a whole! One which can solo carry games and can understand how and why!


I am available Wednesday and Saturday all day. I am also available late everyday after 10PM PST, or after 6PM PST on Sunday