I will teach you how to master the support role!

League Of Legends
Server: North America
Languages: English

Heya! I'm the Unlawful Salmon, and I've been playing league since season 2, and I have climbed many times to diamond and beyond with the support role! A lot of people believe the support role is just there to babysit the ADC, but actually supports run botlane. In fact they also control most of the map vision and shot calling midgame and lategame! Supports are high-impact, high-macro champions that require a lot of talent to play well and carry with. Whether it's a carry support like Brand or a traditional utility support like Lulu I can help you master your favorite support and use them to climb! I've even climbed with support Shaco before on a smurf just to see if I could(but I don't really recommend that for everyone, haha!)


I am available Wednesday and Saturday all day. I am also available late everyday after 10PM PST, or after 6PM PST on Sunday. All details will be settle on provate forum after you buy coaching offer.