I will teach you how to outpath and outjungle any jungler. I'm a Master rank player.

League Of Legends (PC)

General info:

If you've ever wanted to be 2-3 levels up on the enemy jungler consistently I am here to mold you into a superstar jungler like myself. I'm a masters 200lp peak (Rank 300 this summer) Jungler that has been destroying the rift since season 4. My mechanics are only a bit above average, but my game knowledge and decision making are what I win games with. Game knowledge and decision making translate very well to coaching, so I've been doing it on and off for a couple years. I have a lot of high-level experience against the best junglers in NA (lol) and can easily tell you how to improve in any aspect you're looking for. You can expect VOD review and out of game coaching.

  • Session via: Discord
  • Server: North America
  • Languages: English


About: In this coaching you will get: -champion pool -champion specific paths -how to react and predict enemy jg movements -when to take objectives -who to gank/who to gank for -how to GET INSIDE THE ENEMY JUNGLERS HEAD
Duration: 1 hours
Delivery time: 7 days
For players in: Bronze , Silver , Gold , Platinium , Diamond
Topic: Builds/Itemization, Mechanics, Tactics, Objective control, Macro play, Pathing, Rotations
Game mode: PVP
Game map: 5v5 Summoner's Rift
Role: Jungle