I will teach you to master Top lane!

League Of Legends
Server: North America
Languages: English

Heya! I'm the Unlawful Salmon! I've been playing league since season 2 and coaching it for several years now. I understand what makes or breaks each role, and how to climb with them through each elo! Top lane is easily the toughest lane to play in the game. There's more match ups top lane than any other lane, and the lane is very unforgiving if you fall behind early. It's also the longest lane, and most prone to being ganked early and camped by junglers. However a lot of top laners lack knowledge of level & item power spikes, jungler pathing which leaves them vunerable to all-ins, and proper wave management. Whether you're looking to improve your stacking top lane with Nasus, or looking to cheese someone with Riven level 2 I can help you master top lane! I can get you working towards climbing the ladder and achieving the rank you seek!


I am available Wednesday and Saturday all day. I am also available late everyday after 10PM PST, or after 6PM PST on Sunday. All informations we will settle on forum after you buy it.