In-depth analysis and coaching sessions from a Diamond player

League Of Legends
Server: Europe West
Role: Top, Mid, Bot, Support
Languages: Dutch, English, German

Hi there, I'm hereby offering my in-depth analysis of your gameplay/VODs, and coaching sessions to help you become a better player. We'll search for your weak points, and work on those, so you can abuse those same weak points against your opponents. It will be informative, fun, and challenging!


If my coaching didn't help at all, you can contact me, and we'll look at some of your recent games, to see if you didn't make the same mistakes again. If you did everything i told you, you shouldn't land in this situation though ;)
I like to use Discord, but Skype is also possible. We will be using a few browsers tools too, but in general, Discord/Skype is all you need.