Macro Decision Making & Vision Control

League Of Legends
Server: Europe West
Role: Top, Support
Champion: Garen, Leona, Poppy, Taric, Vi
Languages: Dutch, English, French

I've coached loads of people on a website that doesn't exist anymore. I peaked Diamond 3 MMR and have only found success on "simple" champions. I'm bad at many fancy mechanics, but winning this game is about decision making not having a massive kda or a 1v5 penta. ____________ I currently main support and have mained top in the past. I've played for many seasons and have a lot of experience in general. I excel at macro play and vision control. ____________ Why should you pick me and not someone else? My prices are quite low and just as an amateur sports player doesn't pay for the best coach in the world you shouldn't either.


NO, you are not challenger. Your pool should be small. You do not main all roles not even the best do.
This depends on the student, students who look to improve themselves do. I've coached people that are simply looking for someone to tell them their teammates were bad and they are not to blame for the loss. The first type will finish first.

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