Overthink, adapt & improve at League of Legends

League Of Legends
Server: Brazil, Europe Nordic & East , Europe West , Latin America North , Latin America South , North America
Languages: Croatian, English, German

Coaching: I have good knowledge about macro and shotcalling, can tell you the right decision for pretty much every situation. Be aware, I can tell you what to do better, but i can't do it for you, thats up to you! I prefer working with Discord/Twitch Livestream, because I try to understand the way you think and your decision making, thats the point where we want to work on. For other servers than EU: Be aware we can only fit times for you in the morning/midday, since it is really late for me in europe.


I do coach teams all the time, but mostly in platin — low diamond area. I don't have the time to consistently coach in the evening, since I have lots of stuff to do for university. Otherwise, i would play more competitive League of Legends myself.
Spotting mistakes & telling you what do to is not the way to go. It will help you in that specific situation, but you will have problems adapting it to other situations. I want you to create good habits and understand the game, so you can use your knowledge on new situations anytime. Also, i coach step by step. Even if you do lots of mistakes in terms of objective control, split pushing or whatever else, if we focus on laning phase then I will give you an intensified lesson about laning phase.
I started coaching Season 4 as i reached low diamond. I was unable to perform mechanically as well as I wanted to and needed to improve on game theory. By time people asked me how i climb, even though I'm not mechanically overperforming. I told them I play clean macro compared to other people on my Elo and I've been asked for coaching.