The Art of Mid lane

League Of Legends (PC)

General info:

This Coaching session is all about mid lane,my experience is obtained by Bigfatlp and by LS as well.

  • Session via: Skype, Discord
  • Server: Europe Nordic & East , Europe West
  • Languages: English, Greek, Modern


$30 Standard $60 Premium $145 Pro
About: - 2 games of live time coaching session in your solo queue game -Offering the chance to learn how to play mid lane in lower tiers and grind easily to gold V or gold III. -Learning the basics about micro play and a lot of lane phase -(all champions) -2 hours of live time coaching via skype or discord share screen -Micro and macro play(advanced) -Strategies and situations -Decision makings and percentage possibilities -Gain lane control and wave management -(all champions) -Identifying strengths and weaknesses -Macro and micro play at the max potential -Stages of the game -(all champions) All you need to know about the game + additional days of coaching sessions for 1 week Applied to 3 hours each for free.
Duration: 1.5 hours 2 hours 3 hours
Delivery time: 6 days 5 days 3 days
For players in: Bronze , Silver , Gold , Platinium , Diamond Platinium , Diamond Platinium , Diamond
Topic: Builds/Itemization, Mechanics, How to trade, Micro play, Runes Builds/Itemization, Mechanics, Tactics, Farming, Map awarness, Positioning, Objective control, Mindset, Micro play, Macro play, Warding, Rotations Builds/Itemization, Mechanics, Teamplay, Communication, Tactics, Farming, Map awarness, How to trade, Positioning, Objective control, Mindset, Ganks, Team composition, Micro play, Macro play, Runes, Warding, Rotations, Teamfight
Game mode: PVP PVP PVP
Game map: 5v5 Summoner's Rift 5v5 Summoner's Rift 5v5 Summoner's Rift
Role: Mid Mid Mid
Champion: Ahri, Cassiopeia, LeBlanc, Orianna, Syndra Ahri, Cassiopeia, LeBlanc, Orianna, Syndra Ahri, Cassiopeia, LeBlanc, Orianna, Syndra
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yes i am able to coach you in any champion you desire.
Yes i am able to coach all roles.
yes,i have a lot of experience both as a player and as a coach i coached individual players and teams.
yes, i've been professional player for teams about 4 years in competitive scene.