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There are a The best "strategy" for ranking is improvement via learning and dedicated training. Rank is a reflection of overall improvement and skill cultivation.


Statistically not true, can prove it if needed :)
Only the fact that the game went to the 40 min mark means two major things -Team that had the lead did not do the right things in the right way and could't close the game in time (aka Throwing) -None of the teams take risk so no of them is ahead (this actually goes back to lane phase and point 1 and 2 of the coaching - > learning to find and punish mistakes on enemies)
Funny enough my best student so far was actually one of my first students. I was plat 3 back then and he was silver 4. After like 2 weeks since the coaching session he reached plat 4, later in season 7 he was able to peek at diamond 1 - 40 LP