[Worlds strategic coach]I will improve ur playstyle at mid-lane

League Of Legends (PC)

General info:

Hello I am Robert 'seerees' Bilski two time Champion of Latin America as strategic coach. I had a chance to work with team at both Worlds and MSI tournaments. I will improve your playstyle at mid not by playing 1 vs. 1 with you but by spectating your game and showing your common mistakes at position, rotation and other non mechanical factors. You can ask if that will help you in climbing at solo queue. Of course, it will help you. Most problems of peoples from low division comes from wrong positioning at lane, not using lead proper and other bad behaviors. Common sesion will contain: 1.OP.GG review and discussion about your champion pool. 2.Short discussion about your picks at solo queue. 3.Review of your live solo queue game with discussion about what you should do and what you shouldn't do. 4.Summary of your game and how you should improve.

  • Session via: Skype, Discord, Team Viewer
  • Server: Brazil, Europe Nordic & East , Europe West , Latin America North , Latin America South , North America , Oceania , Russia , Turkey , Japan , South East Asia , Republic of Korea
  • Languages: English, Polish


About: - 1 Game live VOD review. - Op.GG review. - Summary of your mistakes.
Duration: 1 hours
Delivery time: 5 days
For players in: Bronze , Silver , Gold , Platinium , Diamond
Topic: Builds/Itemization, Mechanics, Teamplay, Map awarness, How to trade, Positioning, Mindset, Champion select, Pathing, Rotations
Game mode: PVP
Game map: 5v5 Summoner's Rift
Role: Mid