Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow 6 Coaching

Why take Rainbow 6 coaching?


Who are the top players?

Rainbow 6 is one of the greatest FPS games of our time. It has a unique skill curve, quite unlike any other FPS game. Utility, strategy, Operator choice, aim and other mechanics are what define you as a player. With one of our coaches, we can help that definition to mean something. Whether you’re new the game, or starting out on your first competitive team, or are a battle-hardened pro looking to help solve a problem you’ve noticed, our coaches are here to help.

  TOPFIST.COM is a selective and exclusive service for players in the Rainbow 6 marketplace. We not only consider your rank but also your achievements and past gaming experience. Only players above what we consider to be a competent level are allowed to coach, to ensure that you get the best coaching sessions you can. In R6, this competent level is platinum. All our coaches are platinum level players or higher.

What can you learn with Rainbow 6 coaching?


When do you know you need a coach in Rainbow 6?

Rainbow 6 is a game all about teamwork. But there are more aspects that define a good player. Anything from settings to operator-specific training, to strategy to game sense, can be improved. Coaching in a game like R6 gives you external understanding and criticism about how you’re playing the game, and how to improve it. You will ascend through the ranks and improve in teamwork, setting you up for taking the next step in your Rainbow 6 career.

  If you are aiming to get a higher rank or you are aspiring to become a pro in Rainbow Six it is worth to take coaching with one of the top players. It’s even worth it if you’re just starting out and want to improve faster. One-on-one online sessions can severely improve your skills - our coaches will take you through every step in improving in areas like aim, mechanics, communication, tactics, mindset, operators and more. Having someone who can find your mistakes and then correct them as fast as possible, can save you a lot of time when enhancing your skills.

What results can I expect after Rainbow 6 coaching?


Does a coach really make a difference?

Every player that adds a coaching offer on TOPFIST.COM is pre-screened to make sure that his skills are absolutely a top one. We take their rank into consideration (at the minimum it has to be a Platinum 1), esports achievements such as tournaments placings and past gaming experience. All things that will make them the perfect coach. We simply aim to provide users with the best of the best in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

There are many examples of players across different games that are pro now and they took individual coaching sessions in the past. Although, personal results will vary from one player to another, based on those who took a coaching session, 93% of them climbed the ranks significantly. So give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!

  In a game like Rainbow 6, one of the best ways to improve is reflecting on your previous games. A coach is ultimately the best way of doing this. A better player than you will spot mistakes you didn’t even know you were making - which is why coaching makes a difference. There is always a bigger fish, so why not learn from the more experienced player.