How to play like a Diamond

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Platform: Xbox, PC
Languages: Czech, English, Slovak

This coaching will help you better understand how Diamonds think and play. I will help you to get better overall by. These are some of the points we will go through: -Mindset of a Diamond -Maps…(this includes both tips n tricks and helping you to learn new maps -Operators(which should you pick, etc) -Positioning( How to move ingame, Roam, Anchor, …) -How to win more gunfigts -How to clutch more -etc. THIS COACHING WILL BE TAILORED TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS.


You can try me. These guys might show you.
Yes time to time using Xbox controller.
Yes via PC or phone.[Discord, Skype, TS3]
I play almost since launch. I am diamond since second season of year 1.

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