• 10% commission fee EVERY TIME a referred person buys a coaching on TOPFIST.COM.
  • Subscription of your referred persons just after they perform a purchase without a time limit.
    Imagine 500, 1000 or even 10000 people from which you earn a 10% commission fee EVERY TIME they purchase a coaching on TOPFIST.COM.
  • A cookie lifetime: 365 days.
  • No minimum payout - you earn $1, we pay you $1.
  • Promo codes, graphics, banners and videos for your advertisement.
  • Tracking reports and statistics including usage of affiliate links and promo codes.
  • Full support on every step.
Partner program



Top players.

Every service that is offered on TOPFIST.COM is pre-screened and corrected if needed by administration of TOPFIST.COM to make sure that those who offer it, are skilled enough to do so.

Thus, our services are made by great coaches, players youtubers and streamers:


Quality services.

Due to the possibility of customizing services on TOPFIST.COM, players can find exactly what they need regardless of whether it concerns a champion, a map or a weapon.

For example:

  • • I will teach you how to be a good IGL in CSGO.
  • • Master Tusk with TOP 100 player.
  • • Come learn perfect early game jungle pathing!
  • • How To Play Symmetra Like A God.
  • • Most Efficient Way to Legend.


Few hundreds offers.

As for August 2018 TOPFIST.COM offers 300 services in almost 10 different games and this number is growing fast. It means, there is always something to choose from and purchase.


For every budget.

With offers starting just at $5 it is cheap and affordable for everybody to buy a service on TOPFIST.COM. Who woudn't like to hire a top player for such a price?


You get 10% cut of every purchase your referral does. The minimal price of each service offer is $10. The highest is $1000.

There is no minimum payout so whatever you earn, we pay you.

We will. Once you will be accepted, we will get in touch with you and provide you with step by step information concerning how to use partner's tools to make the most profit out of it.

What is more, you will get your own personal account manager to help you with anything at any time.

If you have any further questions, please send us an e-mail to or add us on Skype: Skype1

Some features worth mentioning:

Possibility of creating your affiliate links and pointing them out to specific game (i.e League Of Legends, DOTA2, CSGO etc), seller or offer. Is someone will use it, you will get your 10% cut out of it and we will assign him to you if he has not been already assigned to another Partner.

Possibility of suggesting promo codes alongside discounts which they grand and after it's creation by administration distributing them. Those promo codes work like affiliate links meaning that if someone will use it, you will get your 10% cut out of it and we will assign him to you if he has not been already assigned to another Partner.

Tracking reports and statistics including your earnings, usage of affiliate links and promo codes by people and number of assigned ones to you through them.

First of all, we put a lot of effort to make sure that service offers are qualitative and sellers who are giving them have as much experience as possible.

As we said earlier, TOPFIST.COM is a marketplace where everybody can add their offers, like every person can add a product to Ebay or Amazon listings.

Even though everybody can add an offer, we make sure that people who will use it don't scam others or offer things that are illegal, unattainable or simply bad, so:

  • 1. Every offer goes through administration for approval.
  • 2. Number of offers and upsells per offer that person can add to marketplace is determined by his account type. Better account types are given to the people with past coaching experience, extraordinary skill and knowledge of the game or to those whose personalities are loved by whole gaming community.
  • 3. Buyers can report offer if it doesn't cover what was written in it. If his report is justified (it's up to administration to check it out), his money will be transferred back to his account immediately.
  • 4. Buyers can give rates and opinions about the person with whom they had a session. After some time, offers with the best ratings and opinions will be more visible to customers then others due to the simple fact that they are more valuable to them.

Those security measures should make offers as qualitative as possible.

Acceptance into the program is extremely qualitative and will vary from one candidate to the next due to simple fact that we are looking for a long term partnership.

We have some guidelines that we take into consideration while considering someone as our partner but meeting them does not necessarily mean that you will be accepted into the program. Those are:

For players/coaches, who on daily basis use TOPFIST.COM, it is at least Gold acount type.

For players/coaches who haven't used TOPFIST.COM yet, we are looking for those who already have around 50 hours coached on different websites or have extraordinary achievements.

For broadcasters, we look for streamers that have around 2,500 followers or at least 25 concurrent viewers. You must be streaming at least 1 time per week.

For YouTube, we look for channels with at least 5,000 subscribers and 500 average views per video. You must also upload 1-2 videos per two weeks.

For Facebook fanpages or groups and steam groups, we look for those who have at least 2,500 users. It must be also used and viewed by its members.

For Publishers of blogs and sites, we look for those who have at least 10,000 UU monthly.

Yes, you are free to advertise any coaching service available on the market right now (those words are written on June 2018) without any limitations.

While we are very open to any of them, there are restrictions for TOPFIST.COM's Partners to advertise any service that will copy our functionality in any way. If such an event will take place, you are obliged to advertise only TOPFIST.COM while being our Partner.

Our goal is to create a long-term association with our Partners that is beneficial for both sides. That's why those are just basic guidelines and can vary from one partner to another.

For stream broadcasters it is TOPFIST.COM banner below a stream and one advertisement monthly directly in it.

For YouTubers it is a link below any video you uploaded on your channel and one advertisement monthly directly in it.

For Facebook fanpages or groups, discord servers and steam groups it is at least two links added to them once in a month.

For Publishers of blogs and sites it is one link or one banner added to it in a visible place.